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From July-October Panama has over 2,000 Humpback whales who come to breed and give birth, giving us a 100% success rate!

Nature Tours

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We offer several tours to observe wildlife in its natural habitat. We operate the original Humpback Whale Watching tours here in Panama.  Check out our Whale Watching Panama website for all the details. We also offer Nature on Lake Gatun, Nature in the City, Snorkeling & Historic Portobelo and Contadora Island Tours.

Nature on Lake Gatun Tour

​This is a great half day tour to observe monkeys, sloths, crocodiles, toucans, hawks and other birdlife on the islands of Lake Gatun, one of the largest man-made lakes in the world. You will leave the city at 7:30 am and be on the boat by 8:00 am for 3.5 hours of wildlife observation and also see ships passing by while you are on the Panama Canal.  


1 adult       $225

​2-4 adults   $125 each

5+ adults    $100 each

Children 5-15 years     half price

Children under 5          free

Nature in the City Tour  

This is a fun half day tour to observe the wide range of wildlife that can be found within the city limits of Panama City.  We start out early with a 7:00 am hotel pickup and go to the Metropolitan park, the only park with a rain forest inside any city limits in the world.  We will take an hour hike to observe monkeys, sloths, toucans turtles and birds.  Then we will drive through a canal zone  neighborhood and where you could see capybaras, agoutis, coati mundis and caiman.  Then we will head up to Ancon hill for an incredible view of the city and a good place to see sloths and toucans.  Finally we will end up at the Punta Culebra Smithsonian marine display on the Amador Causeway to see local frogs, sharks, sea turtles and fish kept there and it is an excellent place to find wild sloths, raccoons and iguanas.  You will return to your hotel by 1:00 pm.


1 adult       $225

​2 adults      $125 each

3-4 adults   $100 each

5+ adults      $85 each

Children 5-15 years     half price

Children under 5          free

Snorkeling & Historic Portobelo Tour

You will start out at 8:00 am and drive for 1.5 hours to the Caribbean coast of Panama. You will arrive at the dive center and take a local boat out to snorkel one of the many diverse and colorful coral reefs in the area. There will be so many species of tropical fish you will feel like you are snorkeling in an aquarium!  After your snorkel you will head into the historic town of Portobelo and explore the 16th century Spanish forts, visit the Counting House museum, where the Spaniards counted all their gold, and see the unique cultural Congo Art Gallery.  Of course no visit to Portobelo is complete without going to the Church of the Black Christ and hearing its fascinating story.  Lunch will be at the restaurant of your choice in Portobelo. (Lunch is not included in the price.)


1 adult       $250

​2 adults      $175 each

3 adults      $150 each

4 adults      $140 each

5 adults      $130 each

​6+ adults    $120 each

Children 5-15 years     half price

Children under 5          free

Whale Watching Tours

We offer educational, fun and fascinating Humpback whale watching tours from July 1-October 15 each year from both Panama City and from Contadora Island in the Pearl Islands.  We offer full day tours from the city, and 3 hour, full day, Kayak with the whales, and multiple day tours and 5 day spiritual themed Whale and Dolphin Wisdom Retreats in the beautiful Pearl Islands.

Check out all of our whale watching tours on our website:

Whale Watching Panama


Contadora Island Tours 

​We offer a variety of fun and interesting tours from Contadora Island, one of the Pearl Islands, which are accessible by a 90 minute ferry ride or 20 minute flight from Panama City.  From the island we offer Dolphin & Snorkel tours, Island, Snorkel and Kayak tours as well as Humpback whale watching tours. (During whale season, July-October.)

Check out all of our island tours on our website:

Contadora Island Tours

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