Day Tour Prices

Our prices vary depending on the number of people on the tour that day.


1 person       $370

2 people       $185 per person

3 people       $150 per person

4 people       $140 per person

5+ people     $125 per person

Kids 5-12 years old     half price
​Kids under 5               free

Large group prices available upon request

​Embera Experience with Anne Gordon de Barrigón 

Day Tour -with company founder and Emberá family member, Anne Gordon de Barrigón as your guide.

1 person       $350
2 people       $275 per person
3 people       $240 per person
4 people       $230 per person
5+ people     $220 per person
Kids 5-12 years old     half price
​Kids under 5               free

Private tours, VIP tours and Helicopter tours to the village are available.  ​                          

​Day Tours

Your adventure will begin when one of our friendly guides will pick you up at your Panama City or Colon hotel or cruise ship port around 8:00 am.  You will drive for about an hour along the canal and Soberania National park while your guide will share interesting information about Panama and preparing you for your visit with the Emberá people.  You will arrive at the shores of Lake Alajuela where the Emberá will meet you with their handmade dugout canoe.  

You will embark on a 30-60 minute boat ride (time depends of water level in the river).  You will pass through virgin rain forest and see many birds, such as herons, egrets, osprey, possibly toucans and wild parrots, as well as turtles, maybe a caiman and if you are lucky a sloth, otter or monkeys from the boat.  If the water level is high enough you can stop at a local waterfall for a quick dip on the way to the village.

Upon arrival in the village you will be greeted with a traditional greeting of music and seated in a typical community hut you will be treated to a fascinating presentation by the Emberá​ about their history, culture and how they live.   After the presentation you will be served a delicious lunch of fresh fish, fried plantains and local fruit.   

After lunch, you will have the option to take a 20-30 minute hike with one of the village elders to learn about their medicinal plants.  Then you will be given free time in the village to look at or purchase any of their exquisite hand woven baskets, plates or masks made from palm leaf fibers or Cocobolo wood (rosewood) or Tagua nut carvings, get a cultural temporary tattoo, swim in the river, play with the Emberá children, interact with the villagers or take pictures. 

Your day tour will end with a display of shamanic and celebrational music and dancing by the villagers.  After the dancing it is time to say goodbye to your new Emberá​ friends who will stay in your heart forever.  You will arrive back in the city between 4:00-5:00 pm filled with fond memories of your day with the Emberá tribe in Panamá. 

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