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Combo Tours

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We have a number of great Combination tours to offer you. Take an exhilarating Zipline experience on 9 cables stretched high over the jungle canopy or  try your hand at kayaking on Lake Gatun. Go on a breath taking Snorkeling trip in the Caribbean and a visit to the historic Portobelo town.  Visit Lake Gatun at monkey feeding time, followed by either a day tour to an Embera village or a Special Overnight stay in an Embera Village.

Choose from these options:

Canopy Zipline 


Zipline + Kayak                           

Nature on Lake Gatun + Emberá Day Tour

Nature on Lake Gatun+Embera day tour + Sloth Center

Embera Day tour + Sloth Center

Nature on Lake Gatun  + Emberá Special Overnight Tour    Snorkel + Portobelo

Zipline + Kayak + Snorkel

Zipline + Kayak + Horseback Riding

Zipline + Kayak + Historic Portobelo



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   Price varies depending on number of people in the group.