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Unplugged Adventures

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Families Unplugged, Youth Unplugged  and Corporate Unplugged Adventures

We have noticed a distinct softening in the faces of each and every person who visits the village.  We would like to offer you the opportunity to go deeper and completely immerse yourself in the Emberá culture. Completely unplug from the stresses of work, the modern world and the demands of technology to reconnect with your family and yourself by living for 2-5 days in the village, living as the Emberá do where the only form of entertainment are talking face to face, playing with each other using only your imagination to decide the game or simply observing how the Emberá go about their daily activities in complete harmony with each other and the nature around them. Taking an Unplugged Adventure in the Emberá village will not only be an incredible vacation but a healing experience for all who choose to jump in and embrace this life changing adventure.

We are offering three ways to Unplug with the Emberá people, one is Families Unplugged for families who could benefit from getting away from their hectic lives and have lost the ability to communicate and enjoy each other face to face.  Another option is our Youth

Unplugged program.  Today's young people have been surrounded by technology and have become dependent on electricity, internet and cell phones and are not able to interact well socially without technology.  Spending time with the Emberá will open their eyes, blow their minds and most importantly open their hearts to a whole new culture and help provide them with social skills that will serve them for the rest of their lives. The third option is our Corporate Unplugged adventure, which is the ultimate Team Building experience.  There is no better way to create an open relationship based on trust and an open heart among your colleagues and work mates than by spending time together immersed in the Emberá culture.

Families Unplugged Adventures

This is an amazing opportunity for families who have found themselves caught up in the rat race of the modern world, always rushing to work, school, sports and activities.  Many families today rarely have the time to sit down all together and share a meal without the distractions of cell phones, email, text messages, Facebook, video games, IPads, etc.  We believe that by bringing your family to the Emberá village it will reconnect families who may have gotten lost along the way by their busy lives in the modern world. You will be able to observe the gentle and loving parenting style of the Emberá people and observe how happy, creative and at peace they are with no electricity, internet and not even cell phone signal!  Immersing your family in Emberá village life will help you to re-acquaint yourselves as a family and bond together through your shared experience and create some unforgettable memories.  


2 night/3 day Adventure                4 night/5 day Adventure

1 adult              $550                         1 adult              $1,000

2-5 adults          $425  each                2-5 adults          $800  each

Children 5-12     half price                   Children 5-12     half price

​Children under 5   free                        Children under 5   free

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Youth Unplugged Adventures

The Youth Unplugged Adventures are designed to assist today's modern world youth to completely unplug from technology.  They will spend their time surrounded by the warm and friendly Emberá people, who entertain themselves by face to face conversations, playing soccer, aka, futbol, swimming in the river or using their imaginations to invent a new game.  They will observe how the village children have the freedom to run and play, and how the older kids love to include the younger children and work out disagreements on their own.  We believe that by spending time with the Emberá tribe, the young people who join us on this Unplugged Adventure will have their eyes, minds and hearts opened to a new culture.  They will never be the same after experiencing and accepting a very different way of life.  They will learn how to interact with others in the 'old fashioned way', face to face, eye to eye and heart to heart.  We are confident that this experience of stepping back into a simpler world will provide the youth with invaluable tools and experiences to help prepare them for adult life back in the modern world.


2 night/3 day Adventure                4 night/5 day Adventure                

$375  each                                         $925  each

- 4 person minimum, 15 person maximum

- 18 years old and above only unless booked as a group with accompanying chaperone for international travel.  If with a group with a chaperone, 15 years old and above.

Youth Unplugged Adventure Dates:            

June 19-21                 2 nights/3 days            

​June 29 - July 3          4 nights/ 5 days           

​July 10-12                  2 nights/ 3 days          

​July 27-31                  4 nights/ 5 days         

​August 7-9                 2 nights/ 3 days              

​August 10-14             4 nights/ 5 days          

​Other dates are available upon request                                      

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Corporate Unplugged Adventures   

Our Corporate Unplugged Adventure is the ultimate Team Building experience.  Imagine traveling deep into the rain forest of Panama with your work colleagues to share a truly unequaled experience.  Your bonding will begin on the trip up the river where you may have to get out to push the boat through the shallows to arrive at the Emberá village.  You will live side by side with the Emberá people as they go about their daily lives.  You will sleep in a traditional hut, fish for your dinner, harvest crops, collect palm leaves to repair a roof, maybe even help to build and haul out a dug out canoe from deep in the jungle.  By sharing this unforgettable experience with your workmates you will build a new trust and unbreakable bond that will help you all in your professional lives together to create a more open, easy and joyful work environment back at the office.

2 night/3 day Adventure                4 night/5 day Adventure             
$400  each                                         $999  each
- 4 person minimum, 15 person maximum

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