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Village Donations
Often people ask how they can help the Embera' people.  Here are several ways you can help.

 Financial donations

Education Fund - Warrara Krincha

    Which in the Embera' language means "idea for the children" and is the name of our educational foundation.  The Warrara Krincha was founded to empower and educate the youth of Embera' Puru.  From kindergarten to the university level, the Warrara Krincha works to improve the resources that are available for the education of the village youth.  The Warrara Krincha is managed by a committee of Embera' Puru village members and all monies raised go directly to support students of all ages so that they may achieve the level of education they desire.  

To donate to the Warrara Krincha also known as the Embera' Puru Education Fund
click on the secure Paypal 'Donate' button below.

Now the children of the village are provided schooling only up to the 6th grade by the Panama gov't.  If the kids and their parents want further education they must leave the village and either move to a very dangerous neighborhood, as they do not have the money to afford rent in a safer area or attend a boarding school which by US standards is not expensive at $110.00/month, but it is cost prohibitive for many of the Embera' families.

  Your generous donations will go to rent a safe, supervised apartment for the children to live in and/or pay tuition to the boarding school and to buy school clothes, supplies and living expenses for students from high school & university level as well as support the children in elementary school buy purchasing the required uniforms, books, basic school supplies and back packs.

If you would like to mail donations to the village please contact us for our mailing address.

Physical Donations

  Many people ask what they can bring to the people of the village.  Below are a number of suggestions: 

Clothes- 2nd hand both adult and children's clothes.  Summer clothes only.  The kids need to wear Western clothes to school and the adults need Western clothes when they travel outside of the village to go to medical clinics or the city.  

Baby needs- Diapers-cloth, bottles, toys, diaper pins, etc. 

Personal toiletries- shampoos, soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes, moisturizing creams that smell good. (they love floral smells and perfumes)

School supplies- pencils, pencil sharpeners, erasers, notebooks, back packs, crayons, colored pens, pencils, coloring books, children's books in Spanish, etc.

Toys-The kids love toys, even something simple like a balloon for each one is a real treat.

Food-Bags of rice, white flour, cooking oil, instant coffee, salt, sugar,  boxed milk that does not need refrigeration, basic dry goods or canned goods.  Remember there is no refrigeration.  Of course, the children and adults, too love sweets so healthy snacks like nuts, fruit, raisins are always a big hit.

           Emberá Puru Music CD!

Recorded live in the Emberá Puru village by our recent Peace Corps volunteer, Elena Pahl, who was a sound engineer before she came to support and help the people of our village.

Check out a sample cut from the CD here:

$10.00 each in the village.
$15.00 each shipped to anywhere in the world.
(100% goes to the village education fund)
(shipped from the USA)

New! Postcards from the village

Photos taken in the village by visitors on a tour.
$2.00 each (in the village)
Set of 5 for $10.00 + $2.00 shipping
(100% goes to the village education fund)

Zany Zak Dog collar inspired by the Emberá tribe and 50% of sales goes to the village education fund. 

Go to the Zany Zak website to purchase your Emberá design dog collar and support the education of the kids in the village now. 


Village dog, Blanca, modeling the Zany Zak collar with some eager helpers.

More Physical Donation suggestions:

Solar flashlights-Or any kind of flashlight that does not use batteries.

Photographs-of your trip to the village.  They treasure photos of their families and children.  Please send c/o Anne in printed hard copies, they have no way of viewing a CD or DVD.  If you have the possibility of laminating any pictures you send even better, as the jungle humidity is very hard on paper photos.

Adult gifts-
Large sewing needles, thread, over the counter reading glasses, fish hooks, fishing line, fishing knives, leatherman tools, wood carving tools, etc.

Misc. donations-Sheets, mosquito nets, rain ponchos, back packs are all very much appreciated.  If you think of something not listed here, just send me an email and ask if it might be useful.
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