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Spirit Walks

  Spirit Walks
with Anne Gordon de Barrigon.

We will be connecting with Nature in the Soberania National Park,

Come find the magic and spirit of Nature right in your own backyard in the Tropical rain forests of Panama.

Anne will be
leading hikes in the forest/jungle in Panama and point out all that she sees in the way of medicinal plants, animal life, nature, and fairies, spirit power places, helping people listen to the trees and plants and creating their own connection with nature and helping them to attune to the nature of Panama and it's beauty and natural gifts.

The Spirit Walks will be offered at least once a month or as requested in local parks and trails.  

  Energy Exchange of $20.00 is requested.

  Contact Anne
at anne@emberavillagetours.com 
or 6758-7600 (Panama Cell) to reserve your spot on the next Spirit Walk.

  "I just took a Spirit Walk with Anne last weekend in Campana, and it was phenomenal.  Anne is more attuned to the energy of the natural world than anyone I know.  She taught me the names of many plants, as well as the medicinal uses of some.  But most importantly, with Anne's company, I could feel the life force of the jungle all around me, and felt myself become one with it."
Susan Rensberger, www.awarenessvacations.com

Reconnect with Nature amongst the incredible beauty in Panama.   Panama is a land bridge, created when it emerged out of the ocean approximately 3 million years ago, some say it emerged when Atlantis sunk into the ocean.  Because it is a bridge between South and Central American it has one of the largest biodiversities in the world.  Over 950 species of birds and over 10,000 species of plant life live in Panama.  It also has some species of plants and animals that exist nowhere else in the world, like El Valle's square trees and golden frogs. 

  By reconnecting with nature here in Panama, you can build the bridge between your  hectic modern life filled with man's technology and the harmony, balance and peace of Nature by taking a Spirit Walk with Anne.

The Spirit Walks will be geared towards all levels of abilities.  From easy to challenging.  The next Spirit Walk will be of moderate difficulty, meaning that you do not have to be athletic or especially strong, but should not have any difficulty walking on uneven ground or suffer any chronic back or leg pains. 

  The Spirit Walks will last approximately 2-4 hours. Wear comfortable walking shoes that can get wet or muddy and bring drinking water and any trail snacks you might need.  Organic bug repellent is suggested* and sunblock. (although most hikes will be in the shade of the forest.)

* Anne has available bottles of an all natural organic Insect repellant, Gruber's Jungle Oil, for purchase at $10.00/bottle.  Made by a local gentleman here in Panama.  This repellent has been jungle tested by Anne and her Embera' father in law and is also highly effective as an after bite/sting remedy if you forget to put on the repellent.

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