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Our Team

Anne & her mother in law,  Agricia, proudly displaying Anne's first completed attempt at weaving a traditional basket.

   Anne claims she has the best mother in law in the world!  She and Agricia are very close and good friends.  They enjoy teaching each other about their cultures.  Agricia very patiently taught Anne how to weave baskets in their traditional style.

  Anne & Otniel on her first trip to the village of Embera' Puru.

  Anne Gordon was an animal trainer for film & TV for over 20 years when she was hired in early 2004, to work on a film "The End of the Spear" to be shot in the jungles of Panama.
    The production company had contracted to use the Embera' tribe as their actors for this real life story.   Anne got to know many of the Embera' people and fell in love with their quality of life and how warm and open hearted they are.  And as fate would have it she is now married to one of the Embera' men from the village of Embera' Puru. 

  Anne has been fully accepted as one of the family and tribe by Otniel's family and tribe members.  She has the unique position as an insider into tribal life and culture as well as knowing what interests you have as a tourist viewing the Embera' and their lifestyle as a visitor from the "modern" world. 

  Anne & Otniel sharing a fun moment on the set of the film they met on "The End of the Spear."
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